Managing Director

Molly-Rae Martin

Molly-Rae has extensive experience working in the corporate environment and understands the systems managament which drives large coorporations. She is a great team player who volunteers much of her time to youth focused welfare projects. 

Her agility and open mindedness in the face of personal difficulty demonstrate her strength of character and her determination to succeed. 

Molly-Rae suffered total hearing loss in 2012, and has adapted to this new challenge with determination. She is a single mother with 2 dependents who is competent, focused and passionate about taking this business to the next level. 

Chief of Operations

Gerhard van der Westhuizen

Gerhard is a chartered accountant with experience across a wide range of businesses. Coming from a poor background he understand the principles of hard work and tenacity to achives success.

With inter personal skills and enjoying to work with people and marketing skills, he is a major drive to identify and penetrate new markets.